Two Beautifully Designed Volumes on Life and Times of Hazrat Khwaja Hasan Sani Nizami (R.A.), Released by Shri M. Hamid Ansari, Hon’ble Vice President of India


New Delhi: One of the universally known teachings for establishing Peace, Communal Harmony, Conflict Transformation, Tolerance and Co-Existence came from Hzt. Nizamuddin Aulia. And these efforts were carried forward by Hazrat Khwaja Hasan Sani Nizami (R.A.) till his last days. Under Patronage of able successor Hzt. Khwaja Syed Mohammad Nizami has brought out the extensive two volumes on the life and times of Hazrat Khwaja Hasan Sani Nizami (R.A.) under the title Hazrat Khwaja Hasan Sani Nizami (R.A.), Shakhsiyat Aur Karname, (Personality & Achievements).

These beautifully designed well researched publications were released by Shri M. Hamid Ansari, Hon’ble Vice President of India. These volumes have been compiled by Janab Farooq Argali which carries articles, profile, poetry & photo album. The books are published Khwaja Publications, Khwaja Hall, Basti Hzt. Nizamuddin Aulia, New Delhi.

Apart from capturing the teachings of Hazrat Khwaja Hasan Sani Nizami (R.A.) the publications have views and reviews on the commendable work done by Hazrat Khwaja Hasan Sani Nizami (R.A.) for promoting Peace and Communal Harmony in reference to Islamic Teaching.

The Renowned Journalist Sir Mark Tully in India Slow Motion said “Many more want to become Murids of Hasan Sani, so many that he can’t always cope with the demand. When he travels sometimes the crowd are too large to allow him to take the hand of each Murid and perform the initiation rites, so he asks them to form a line joined to each other by pieces of cloth. Then he takes the hand of the postulant in the front and the spiritual power travels down the line like electricity down a wire”.

Firoz Bakth Ahmed in his article described Hzt. Khwaja Hasan Sani Nizami as “The Mystical Sufi, Humanist and encyclopedia on the history of Delhi, with spotless secular credentials”. Delhi’s Sufi saint’s spiritual followers had as many Hindus as Muslims. What mattered to them was not the religion of the man but human warmth that everyone should be given. He did it in the language of the people and adopted many of their cultural morals that made them greatly endeared to non-Muslims.

Hzt. Khwaja Hasan Sani Nizami while addressing The Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders said that “There is no end to quotes to prove that religion is indeed against intolerance and Violence. But it is also a fact that in spite of our claim there was and there is Violence everywhere”. He concluded with a quotes of greatest Sufi Saint of his times Shaikh Moinuddin Chishti “Quality of the friend of God is that he is Benevolent like sun, which gives light and warmth to all without any discrimination: who is generous like a river which keeps its banks open for all to drink: and like earth which gives us sustenance and still lies humbly under our feet!”

The Volume 2 of Hazrat Khwaja Hasan Sani Nizami (R.A.), Shakhsiyat Aur Karname (Personality & Achievements) also carries thought provoking and unforgettable writing of Khwaja Hasan Sani Nizami which includes “Power of the Noble Qur’an as the Spoken Word” and Sufism Myth and Reality. Saiyid Zaheer Husain Jafri, Professor, Department of History Delhi University’s article “Hzt. Khwaja Hasan Sani Nizami Some Memories and Reminiscences”. Hafiz Fayyaz Mausam Nizami, Khaleefa of Hzt. Khwaja Syed Hasan Sani Nizami, Nazim Jamat-e-Nizamia, South Africa’s article “My Beloved Khwaja Sahab (Khwaja Hasan Sani Nizami)”.

– Khazi Altaf Hussain


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