The Wiltshire farmer who gave up dairy farming for goats and meat production


New Delhi, March 09, 2019: It was three years ago we said goodbye to the cows and closed the dairy,” she said, “the pasture land here is designated as ancient pasture and is restricted with what you can do with it.

“I looked at various possibilities such as arable but I realised I was at heart a stock woman with a skill.

“I see problems in animals before they happen which was built from experience.

“So I took my time and looked at possibilities and landed on goats.”

Laura is a third generation farmer with land stretching from Avebury to the Ridgeway which is suitable for grazing.

She has invested in a herd of white cattle but has concentrated on a Boer goat herd with British Saneens to provide milk.

Saneens are the traditional white goats used in dairy production in the UK.

The Boer breed was originally herded by tribes in South Africa and was adopted by the Boer farmers as a stock animal due to their ability to produce high yields of meat from sparse pasture.

With increasing health trends in the consumption of meat with red meat considered by some as unhealthy while chicken and even venison has grown in popularity Laura saw man’s oldest domesticated animal as the answer.

“Goat meat is lower in cholesterol than red meat,” she said, “which is a healthier option but people are unfamiliar with it.”

The issue she said was one of education according to

In many countries goat is on every menu but in Britain it is associated with cooking from the West Indies in curries or from the Indian sub continent where is seen as equivalent to lamb.

“I’ve started farm gate sales,” she explained, “and delivering it locally to customers.”

Roast leg of goat is like lamb she said while from the West Indies goat curries and stews were popular but generally the British are not keen on bones in curries.

The meat is now stocked at the Avebury Community Shop in the High Street with fresh goat kid mince, noisettes, diced shoulder and roasting joints.


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