Vegan Activists Occupy Starbucks In Anti-Dairy Protest


New Delhi, February 26, 2019: Vegan activists occupied a Starbucks outlet in Brighton yesterday, in what they describe as an attempt to ‘expose some of the hard realities of the dairy industry’.

The activists, from global animal rights organization Direct Action Everywhere (DxE),  entered the store bearing placards with messages including ‘watch Dairy is Scary on YouTube’ and ‘you are not a baby cow’, and chanted: “Not your mum! Not your milk!”

‘Horrors of dairy’

“Dairy cows are continuously artificially and forcibly impregnated,” a DxE spokesperson said during the protest, according to a statement sent to Plant Based News.

“Every year they go through over nine months of pregnancy, they suffer through childbirth and then have their babies stolen. This happens for profit. This happens so you can have milk in your coffee and cheese in your sandwich according to

“These exhausted and abused dairy cows are typically slaughtered at just five years old, a fraction of their natural lifespan…Nothing is sacred to the dairy industry, not motherhood, not a baby’s need to be with their mother, not pregnancy, not anything.”

A DxE spokesperson added: “The truth is the dairy industry is incredibly cruel and most people have no idea how much suffering and death is involved. 21,000,000 dairy calves are slaughtered for veal or cheap beef every year. Hopefully more people will think twice about who suffered for the milk and cheese they are buying after today.”


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