Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice-Cream “Blasts” Into Parkland, FL

    Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream & Yogurt is the leading patented, custom-made liquid nitrogen ice cream company in the world since 2005. As seen on Shark Tank, the company is the pioneer and industry leader in the use of Nitrogen to custom create your favorite frozen desserts including Ice-Cream, Yogurt and Italian Ices.

    Parkland, October 09, 2017: The science & safety in the use of Liquid Nitrogen to flash freeze desserts was created, perfected and patented by Jerry Hancock, educationally trained in Chemistry and Design at Brigham Young University. Jerry’s vision was to develop a method of freezing ice cream using nothing more than a burst of -321 Fahrenheit of Liquid Nitrogen (which comes from the air we breathe). His technique was such a success, that in 2004 he and his entrepreneurial minded wife Naomi, opened the first Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream in Orem, Utah.

    Since then, Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream and Yogurt has evolved from a small, local business into an international sensation, receiving extremely positive, extensive news & press coverage, including an impressive appearance by Jerry & Naomi on Shark Tank.

    Grown to over 55 locations throughout the United States, China and the United Arab Emirates, Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice-Cream & Yogurt continues to expand, so please visit the Parkland, FL location or one near you and experience a unique and delicious Ice-Cream and frozen desserts for yourself.

    They cater for all events and will bring the unique process to any function and all invited guests will be amazed with the creation process and taste.



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