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Commercialization of Dairy Farming as a Prominent Business Activity

New Delhi, June 21, 2018: The 8th edition of the India’s Largest International Exhibition on Dairy Products, Processing & Packaging Machinery and Allied Industries DairyTech India 2018 is being held at BIEC, Bangalore, during 31st August – 2nd September, 2018. The event will have concurrent shows – 10th AgriTech India 2018 and 7th International Poultry & Livestock Expo 2018 to cover holistically the pertaining technologies in the poultry, livestock, dairy and agriculture sector.

8th DairyTech India 2018 has a constant support from prominent Indian organizations such as National Research Centre of Meat, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Central Poultry Development Organization and Training Institute, Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (Ministry of Agriculture & Farmer’s Welfare), National Centre for Cold-Chain Development, All India Food Processors Association, Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Indian Dairy Industry

Dairy activities have traditionally been integral to India’s rural economy and the country ranks as the world’s largest producer and consumer of dairy products. The demand for milk is tremendous. Over the past two decades, dairy farming has progressed in the direction of becoming an organized industry that encompasses increased production of milk and milk products, and also the breeding of higher yielding cattle, scientific rearing of animals and feed production.

Dairy farming in India is now evolving from just an agrarian way of life to a professionally managed industry. Transformation of this sector is being induced by newfound interest on the part of the organized sector, new markets, easy credit facilities, dairy friendly policies by the government, etc.

The government and other stakeholders are increasingly coming forward to help the growth of the sector. Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare and Ministry of Food Processing Industries have initiated several steps to encourage organized growth of dairy farming and production of dairy products.


Though India can legitimately boast of having one of the world’s largest cattle populations, the average output of an Indian cow is significantly lower. The Indian dairy sector is plagued with various other impediments like shortage of fodder, poor quality of feed, dismal transportation facilities and a poorly developed cold chain infrastructure.

Productive business

Loose milk has a larger market in India, perceived to be fresh. Hence commercialization of dairy farming as a business activity is the need of the hour. Dairying business goes virtually unnoticed and is seen as a subsidiary farming activity. There is enormous scope for the industry in the field of value-added products including desserts, beverages, yoghurt and so on.

It is expected that the demand for processed and packaged dairy produce will witness a phenomenal growth due to growing population with greater health consciousness.

Emergence of Commercial Dairy Farming

One emerging trend in Indian dairying is the growing number of the commercial dairy farms. Realizing the growing importance of commercialization, the livestock sector needs to meet the challenges of globalization, in terms of organized production and marketing.

Many States’ Dairy Development Departments, cooperatives like Amul and private sector dairy players are moving towards setting up Hi-tech commercial dairy farms leading to clean milk production.

Holistic growth

Since agriculture and dairy sector share a relationship because of the mutually linked inputs and outputs, it is important to promote the two in tandem to move towards holistic growth. It is important to introduce efficient feeding methods, encourage commercialization and mechanization of dairy farms, develop networks to promote processed food and beverages based on milk, have well managed cold chain facilities to minimize wastage and organize the sector.

Concurrent events

Addition to 8th DairyTech India 2018, concurrently, Media Today Group is also organizing 10th AgriTech India 2018 and 7th International Poultry & Livestock Expo 2018.

AgriTech India 2018: The 10th AgriTech India 2018 will display and introduce latest mechanization & technological innovations and product ranges for farmers to facilitate the diversification of Indian agriculture. Notable exhibitors of previous edition included Buhler India, Hilda Automation, Husqvarna (Platinum Sponsor), Sonalika, Mahindra & Mahindra, Alapala, Reliance industries, Selis, MySilo, Unomac, Bry-Air (Asia) Pvt. Ltd., Ghodawat Group, AgriPlast Tech India Pvt. Ltd., Greentech India, Essen Multipack Limited, Flour Tech Engineers Pvt. Ltd., India Factory, Frick India Limited along with organizations like Director of Horticulture & Plantation Crops (Tamil Nadu) and APEDA.

International Poultry & Livestock Expo 2018: Concurrently, 7th International Poultry & Livestock Expo 2018 is also being organized. This would bring leading Poultry and Dairy equipment manufacturers, breeders, food products exporters, experts & leaders from the industry.

Previous Edition of DairyTech India

The three day expo gained huge popularity and provided opportunities in the industry. More than 500 exhibitors displayed their products at the show receiving a footfall of over 35000 trade visitors. The expo series offered valuable B2B business meetings, global exposure and a lot more.

The show promoted technological up-gradation and helped in familiarizing with the benefits of using latest technologies. The exhibition was a great opportunity to heighten the industry’s future scenario. Many foreign exhibitors including Bangladesh, South Africa, Switzerland, UAE, Korea, Nigeria, etc. established many considerable start-ups.

Many leading Brands like Big Basket, ITC, Swiggy, Franchise Connect, UNIBIC, Foodex Press, Himalaya, Britannia and a lot more visited with great enthusiasm.

Looking Ahead

The 8th DairyTech India 2018 will focus on Dairy Machinery & Equipment Manufacturer / Exporters, Dairy Products Manufacturer / Exporter / Traders, Ghee Making Machines, Mixer, Feeders & Grinders, Packaging Machinery, Equipment & Materials, Feed Manufacturing Machinery, Feed Storage & Transport Equipment, Cooling, Fermentation & Freezing Systems, Fermented milk, Ice cream & milk powder, Butter, Butter oil, Cheese, Condensed milk, Disinfectants for Dairy Industry, and many more directly and indirectly products & services suppliers in the Food & Beverage industry.

In order to promote and ensure the all-round development of the Indian dairy industry, 8th DairyTech India 2018 is the best place to become part of the emerging Indian Dairy Industry and promote its further commercialization.

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