Parker Products releases 2018 ‘intriguing flavor combinations’ for ice cream makers


New Delhi, December 24, 2017: Parker Products, a food and beverage ingredients manufacturer, has released its 2018 feature ice cream flavors developed by the company’s R&D and marketing teams tapping into consumers desire for new and exotic flavors in the frozen dessert space.

The global gourmet ice cream market is set to grow at a CAGR of nearly 12% between 2017 and 2021 with the primary driver being the increasing number of innovative flavors, according to a Research and Markets report according to

Each flavor highlights Parker’s flavoring, inclusions, grinds, coating, fruit preps, and variegates capabilities while tapping into current consumers trends.

“Ice cream consumers look for flavor above everything else,”​ Greg Hodder, president of Parker, said.

“We love putting together intriguing flavor combinations that will inspire our customers to create products consumers crave.”​ further added that the company’s 2018 flavors include:

• Pineapple Lime Bar: features a pineapple lime sorbet dipped in dark chocolate and garnished with pink peppercorn.

• “Circus Animal”: a pink sugar cookie base, sugar cookie pieces, and confetti icing.

• “Southern Charm”: This flavor starts with a caramelized sugar base mixed with cracker candy pieces, honey pecans, and a whiskey sauce, “conveying all the charm of the South.”​

• “Heavenly Hash”: paying homage to the classic dessert, this flavor features a brownie batter base, marshmallows, brownie fudge, and chocolate flakes.

• Cold Brew: A coffee ice cream base is enhanced with chocolate-covered coffee beans and caramel coffee creamer.

Parker’s other new flavors include plum streusel, amaretto Boston crème, “perfectly peared”, apple fritter, and cherry ice cream bar.


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