New Plymouth dairy owner hurls grocery items at man to foil robbery


New Delhi, June 10, 2018: A man who tried to rob New Plymouth’s Windmill Dairy on Saturday ran away after the owner threw grocery items at him.

 A dairy owner fought back against a would-be robber by throwing grocery items at him until he legged it out of the shop.

Police are searching for the man who attempted to rob New Plymouth’s Windmill Dairy on the corner of Mill Rd and Carrington St about 4.20pm on Saturday.

Detective Paul Davison said the man entered the shop with his jersey’s hood pulled over his head and his face covered with a bandanna

He was thought to be carrying something in his hand during the incident but Davison wasn’t able to confirm if it was a weapon according to

“The shop owner has scared him off by throwing items at him,” he said.

After running out of the shop the man headed down Mill Rd before cutting through a property and disappearing into bush.

Davison wasn’t able to give an estimated age of the offender, nor was he able to say if anything was taken from the shop or exactly what the owner threw to deter the man.

Police were still interviewing witnesses but were already following some positive leads, he said.

Davison welcomed any further information from the public to help with the investigation.

 The shop owner did not want to comment on the incident.


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