Milk production: World Vs India — Prof. (Dr.) A.K. Srivastava, Member (Animal Sciences) Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board


    New Delhi, July 17, 2017:  World milk production is forecast to reach 816 million tonnes in 2016. The current growth rate in milk production is about 1.6% and with this the milk production is likely to grow to 827 million tons in 2020. Except for very limited growth elsewhere most of the increase can be assigned to Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean and among these Asia is expected to account for most of the increase in milk production in the coming years. Expansions in herd size, as well as improved productivity are an important engine in the expansion. Within Asia, India is the world’s largest milk producing country contributing around 18.5% of the world’s milk production. China is next producing 47.6 million tonnes and is followed by Pakistan with a production of 39.12 million tonnes in 2013. In India, as compared to other food sectors, the growth in dairy sector has been commendable. The milk production increased from a mere 17 million tonnes Address Prof. (Dr.) A.K. Srivastava By Member (Animal Sciences) Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board APRIL 2017 INDIAN DAIRYMAN February 16-18, 2017, Mumbai Conference Special (Part – 1) 43 during 1950-51 to 160.35 million tonnes in 2015-16. The annual growth rate in milk production in India stood at 6.27% during 2014-15 as compared to the global average of 2.2%. Increase in milk production boosted the per capita availability of milk to the population of the country. In 1950-51, the per capita milk availability was only 130 gram per day while today the national average (<320 g) is above the ICMR recommended level of 280 gram per day.


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