Mehsana Dist Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd., Kheralu


Name: Mehsana Dist Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd.

Sub Category: Kheralu Chilling Center

Address: Kheralu, Dist. Mehsana, State – Gujarat.


Tel. No: (02761) 231012



Industry Type: Chilling Center


The seeds of Mehsana District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd. popularly known as Dudhsagar dairy (located at Mehsana in Gujarat) were sown in the year 1960 with the noble intention of ensuring a fair return to the milk producers. In the fifties the private middle men and distributors of milk, made all the profit while the farmers were left with almost nothing. The Cooperatives began as a response to this exploitation and put an end to it. Today the experiment has been replicated in different parts of the country and the results are astounding. Survey by UNICEF in year 1958 suggested the strong probability for large volume of milk production and collection in this area. Dedicated efforts of Our Visionary and Founder Chairman Mr. Mansinhbhai Pruthviraj Patel have registered Dudhsagar Dairy as Mehsana District Co-operative Milk Producers Union Ltd on 8th November 1960 under Mumbai Co-operative Societies Act, 1925. On April 2, 1964, The Foundation stone was laid down by former Finance Minister Morajibhai Desai. The management of Dudhsagar Dairy was served by second Chairman Late Mr. Motibhai Chaudhary (From 1970 to 2005). The Present chairman of Dudhsagar dairy is Mr. Vipul M Chaudhary, also chairman of GCMMF. He is the ex. Home minister of Gujarat state.

Organizational Set-up:

It is a district level apex body of milk cooperative societies in Mehsana which aims to provide remunerative returns to milk producers and also to serve the interest of consumers by providing quality and safe milk products which gives good value for money. The intention was that the dairy would play an ever increasing role in the rural economy, providing gainful employment to large numbers of producers in the district and to raise producers awareness so that they could manage their own affairs through co-operatives and we succeed. Wherever farmers have had cooperatives, there have been no cases of suicides. Have improved Literacy Rate, increase employment, Changes in Social Customs, eliminated untouchability, upliftment of socially backward castes in rural areas because there is no religious difference in Purchase of milk.

The entire value chain from procurement [to processing] to marketing is the sole and exclusive domain of the farmer. It regular assured income led to better life standards as against agriculture to farmer, overall development in Infrastructure of village, Increase Awareness for democracy.

Slowly but surely, like a sapling, the dairy grew in the rich soil of cooperation to about 1341 milk cooperative societies involving over 6.11 lakh milk producer members, having turn over 4186 crores (2015-16) and price of per kg fat given to farmer is Rs. 610. Dudhsagar dairy (capacity 25 LLPD) is having :

Five milk chilling centers (Kheralu, Kadi, Hansapur, Vihar, Harij).

DURDA (Dudhsagar research and development association).

One semen collection center at Jagudan (Rank 3rd in India).

Two newly establish milk processing plant at Kadi and Hansapur.

Three cattle feed plants at Jagudan, Ubkal, Boraiavi. Jagudan having capacity of 1000 MT per day, it is biggest cattle feed plant in India.

Two sub units, one at Manesar having capacity of 12.5 LLPD (Expandable to 20LLPD) and another newly established plant at Dharuheda having capacity of 30 LLPD.

1240 milk cooperative societies (63 Women milk cooperative societies for women empowerment).

Mansinhbhai institute of dairy and food science technology (under DURDA).


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