Local dairies run out of milk stocks, turn away customers


New Delhi, June 02, 2018: Many kiosks dependent on supply from local milkmen went dry as they did no get their daily quota on Day 1 of farmers’ strike. However, the impact of the strike was not felt at Sanchi milk parlours as most were having good stock, which was supplied from the government depot according to timesofindia.indiatimes.com
“No canister of milk was made available to a shop owner. A lot many customers have to be turned away since Friday morning,” said Tejas Gujjar, Krishna Dairy in MP Nagar. He runs a dairy and depends on milkmen for supply. Due to unavailability of milk, prices of dairy products, including cheese, condensed milk may go up in coming days, he said.

Neelesh Khandelwal of Jain Dairy, was upset over farmers’ strike. “Common man will have to bear the brunt of the strike.” There can be a possibility of shortage of milk in next couple of days and due to this, people are storing milk. When asked, how he would deal with the strike impact, Khandelwal said he would buy milk from other sources.
Sanchi milk parlours, however, remained unaffected by the strike. A Sanchi parlour owner at Chunabhatti said it was unjust on part of farmers to block milk supply. Sanchi dairy product consumers may not have problem in initial days. Later, they too will have to face milk shortage because of poor or no supply, he said.
Asked if there is a possibility of price rise in milk and other dairy products, he said it looks highly unlikely. Majority of these parlours mainly under Sanchi umbrella, claimed the effect of such a strike would be seen only after four days as they get delivery from Habibganj Milk Depot.
“People are buying more just to stock it,” said a dairy owner at 10 No. market on condition of anonymity.


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