Karimnagar Dairy in an expansion mode.


    The Karimnagar Milk Producer Company Limited better known as Karimnagar Dairy which is making strides as number one dairy in the state in terms of milk sales, procurement and milk producers welfare programmes, has decided to extend its area of operations to adjoining districts and increase milk procurement as well as sales in the year 2017-18.
    A decision to this effect was taken at the Karimnagar Dairy�s 59th board of directors� meeting held under the chairmanship of Ch. Rajeshwara Rao, here on Friday. Managing Director P. Shankar Reddy and advisor V. Hanumantha Reddy were present. The Karimnagar Dairy has decided to collect milk from Nizamabad, Warangal, Medak and Adilabad districts, apart from the new districts carved out of the erstwhile Karimnagar district.

    The board of directors has decided to conduct meetings with the milk producers in neighbouring districts and convince them to supply milk to Karimnagar Dairy and avail the welfare schemes for the farmers, their family members and the milch animals. The Board decided to identify the places for setting up bulk cooling units (BCU) for procurement of milk in neighbouring districts. Simultaneously, the dairy would also increase sale of milk in those areas.

    Talking to The Hindu on Friday, Karimnagar Dairy Chairman Ch. Rajeshwara Rao said that they had set a target of procuring 2.5 lakh litres of milk per day during this new financial year, double the procurement of 1.2 lakh litres per day this year. Similarly, the milk sales would be increased to 1.5 lakh litres per day from the existing 1.2 lakh litres per day.

    �We have chalked out plans to cover 1500 villages in the coming one year and collect the milk from the farmers,� he said and added that they were presently collecting milk from 1026 villages in erstwhile Karimnagar district.

    He said that they had decided to increase milk production by providing loans to the farmers to purchase animals by making tripartite agreement with the nationalized bank and Karimnagar District Cooperative Central Bank.

    �We are taking measures to ensure that the villages, which are presently supplying 50 litres per day would increase the supply to 100 litres per day,� he said.

    The Dairy was expecting a grant of ₹40 crore from the Centre under National Dairy Programme for providing clean milk products and producing products at less cost. He said that they were also planning to extend mediclaim medical insurance scheme to all the milk producers in the district.


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