IDMC (Indian Dairy Manufacturing Company)


IDMC (Indian Dairy Manufacturing Company) offers processing and packaging solutions to make food safe. The company manufactures food grade packaging films, laminates and pouches and provides packaging solutions for liquid milk and milk products, edible oils, frozen vegetables, personal care products and other consumer goods.
During 2015-16, IDMC registered a substantial growth in the area of design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of dairy projects. By the end of the year, IDMC had completed 12 dairy projects and another 24 dairy projects were under execution. The completed dairy projects included a large fully automatic dairy plant with an automatic milk pouch and crate conveying system. The other dairy projects were moderate-capacity automatic and semi-automatic milk and milk product plants, with a mix of facilities to manufacture ice cream, butter, ghee, paneer, flavoured milk, yoghurt and sterilised milk. IDMC exported a recombined milk processing facility and a syrup processing line.
During the year IDMC successfully completed and handed over a cattle feed plant project of 100 MTPD. Another similar cattle feed plant project was under execution. In addition, the company was executing an expansion project of a cattle feed plant to enhance its capacity from 500 MTPD to 800 MTPD and a silo storage system of 1,500 MT.
During 2015-16, IDMC commissioned a double circuit CIP system for processing beverages and also commissioned a 5 KLPH high brix sugar dissolving system. It executed an order for supply of equipment with piping for a biotech company and exported its first PED-approved mixing vessels to a MHRA certified pharmaceutical company.
IDMC supplied and commissioned three glycol-based ammonia refrigeration packages, specially designed to mitigate potential risk arising from the use of ammonia as a refrigerant. The company also supplied large PHEs to a power project. Two HVAC projects are under execution.
During the year, IDMC’s packaging film plant’s ISO 22000:2005 certification was renewed and it operated at its rated capacity.
The research and development activities of IDMC continued to focus on making its products and processes more efficient and competitive; including the development of scientifically designed and cost-effective milking machines.
IDMC’s operations are backed and bolstered by prompt after sales service.
In FY 2015-16, IDMC reported a total income of R5,412.82 million with a profit before tax of R151.39 million.


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