Hygienic Foods


Name: Hygienic Foods

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Address: Plant,220 / 1, Talgajarda Ratol Road,
Mahuva, 364290.
Gujarat, India.

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Tel. No: (+91) 9723300531

Email: info@hygienicfoods.in, hygienicdehyfoods@gmail.com

Website: http://www.hygienicfoods.in/

Industry Type: Plant


HYGIENIC FOODS With its registered IN INDIA was founded in 2005 & now established in village of RATOL TALGAJARDA ROAD MAHUVA 364290. The Company is currently one of the biggest producers of dried vegetables specialized in onions & garlic in India.

The Company’s shareholders are natural 3 FAMILY persons (complete family partners) whose shares make 100% of the initial capital. Apart from the capital, MR. BHAMBHERA, & MR. KAPASI is in finance management & MR.A.K. VAKIL is in contributed a wealth of experience which ensured a rapid development and accomplishment of the assumed goals. The main idea of the Company’s founders was to create a good hygiene factory to serve safe product for human beings and also have good value in spice & meat industry apart from this we started business entity capable of a rapid response to the dynamically changing market conditions.

The Company’s domain is to produce a wide range of dried vegetables using hot air dried facilities, fresh vegetables. In order to ensure the customer receives the highest quality product, we handle the contracting on our own, we also provide our suppliers with seeds of varieties specifically selected for dried vegetables production.

Nowadays, we produce about 2000 tones of dried vegetables annually & may ongoing infinitely as per our good outputs from the cultivation area. Our Company’s main products are dried vegetables such as: white onions, red onions, yellow/ pink onion & garlic product having various forms like flakes/ kibbled, minced, chopped, granules & in powder form.

The other vegetables like carrot, red beetroot, lady fingers, cabbage etc… may manufactured only with special demand by consumers & buyers

We are aware that creating a good image among the Customers demands constant self-control, development and exceeding requirements and market expectations. For that reason we continue to modernize our production lines and we have launched our own microbiological laboratory, granulation department, and sorting department.

Today we are a Company that has achieved a strong position both on the domestic and foreign markets.

Our company’s customers are both domestic and foreign recipients. We deliver our commodities, especially to Germany, France, Italy, Holland, England, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Europe & North America and also the United States.

We attach the greatest importance to the quality and safety of the products we offer. Manufacturing is performed in accordance with Food Safety System Certification 22000 – FSSC 22000 recommendations, which is documented with appropriate certificates. Food Safety System Certification 22000 – FSSC 22000 is a complete Global Food Safety Initiative – GFSI recognized food safety certification system, for food manufacturers, based on the ISO 22000:20005, ISO/TS 22002-4:2013 and additional FSSC 22000 requirements. FSSC 22000 is a system approved by GFSI fully comparable with IFS and BRC systems.


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