Harcourt Farm near Clarenville looking to expand dairy herd


New Delhi, January 13, 2019:  Hillside Holsteins Farm Ltd. is planning an expansion to an existing 76-hectare farm located in the community of Harcourt along Route 232 near Clarenville.

The expansion of Harcourt Farm will include an increase in the dairy herd from 50 cows to approximately 100-150 cows according to southerngazette.ca.

The expansion area is included in four Crown land lease applications totaling 218 hectares, of which 135 hectares of arable land will be developed for forage production. The land will be used to provide grain, corn silage, and forage for the herd.

The undertaking was registered with Municipal Affairs and Environment on Jan. 8, 2019. The deadline for public comments is Feb. 14; and the minister’s decision is due by Feb. 22.


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