‘Expose persons selling adulterated dairy items’


Mohali, August 22, 2018: Fraudulent persons involved in adulteration of gheecheese and other edible items will not be spared, said animal husbandry and dairy development minister Balbir Singh Sidhu after taking note of rampant food adulteration in the state.

Sidhu appealed to the public to expose these persons and assured that the informer’s name would not be disclosed.

The minister has directed the concerned departments to conduct raids at suspected shops where such food items are being sold and the dairies involved in the malpractice in Mohali.

He said that the dairy development and animal husbandry department will initiate strict penal action against officials found permitting food adulterations in the district.

“There will be no more compromise with the people’s health. Strict action against officials involved in permitting food adulterations will be taken. The department has been directed to conduct raids at dairies and shops to check adulteration and take legal action against the errant persons,” said Sidhu according to timesofindia.indiatimes.com.

Sidhu said that production of adulterated cheese, ghee and other dairy products are affecting the dairy farming business in the state. Due to the malpractice, genuine dairy farmers are not getting the value for their produce.

He said Verka Milk Plant in Mohali has a huge stock of pure cheese, and other dairy products, which are not being sold due adulterated items in the market. He appealed the public to buy Verka products assuring their purity.

Sidhu asked the public to remain aware about adulterated dairy products and other types of food adulterations. He also said that the information about food adulteration should be reported to the nearest dairy inspector or at the office of dairy development, so that appropriate timely action could be initiated.

He said that the name of the person giving the information will not be disclosed.

 The minister also told the officers of the health department and lab staff to work honestly and diligently to ensure the availability of quality food.

He said that no laxity will be tolerated in this regard and strict disciplinary action would be taken against all those conniving with the perpetrators of the crime against humanity by compromising with the quality of food items.


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