Drink Technology India 2018


The drink technology India is an international trade fair for the food and beverage industry, which takes place every two years in Mumbai. India is one of the largest agricultural raw material producers in the world as well as the largest producer of milk and buffalo meat, the second largest fruit and vegetable producer and one of the leading markets in poultry production. However, the Indian market is highly fragmented. Many small businesses are working with low-level technologies, which do not allow expansion. In addition, the population increases and the demand for food and beverages rises enormously. These challenges is facing the Indian food and beverage industry. For international companies, the Indian market is an important expansion market and drink technology India offers here the optimal framework and access to the market of India, too. The fair founded under the name of drink technology + PET India 2007 was originally designed as a conference with an accompanying exhibition, with the aim to convert it into a pure trade fair concept in the long term. Since then it has become an integral industry meeting point, which has been extended in 2014 to the food industry in terms of content and range creating a reference and connection point to the International Packtech India, the international trade fair for processing, packaging and printing, taking place parallel to drink technology India and generating together tremendous synergies with regard to audience and process technology.

The Drink Technology India will take place on 3 days from Wednesday, 24. October to Friday, 26. October 2018 in Mumbai.



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