Dr. RS Sodhi, MD GCMMF (Amul) meets J&K’s Hon. Governor’s Advisor Mr. Khursid Ganai

New Delhi, February 03, 2019:  MD GCMMF (Amul) Dr. RS Sodhi along with JKMPCL Board members, meets J&K’s Hon. Governor’s Advisor Mr. Khursid Ganai to appraise dairy development activities undergoing in J&K state by JKMPCL.

Dr. RS Sodhi, Managing Director of Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Limited (popular Amul brand) along with members of Board of Directors of Jammu and Kashmir Milk Producers’ Cooperative Limited (JKMPCL) called on Advisor to Hon. Governor of J&K  Mr. Khurshid Ahmed Ganai and apprised him about dairy development activities  ndergoing in J&K state by JKMPCL.

JKMPCL was established in 2004 by a cabinet decision of then J&K Govt to make viable cooperative dairy industry which could serve as a healing touch to unemployed youths in villages. In 2004, the then Govt signed a MoU with GCMMF and entrusted them the responsibility of profitable operations of JKMPCL on Anand pattern (Integrated Cooperative Structure). The various support of Govt and GCMMF has transformed JKMPCL, a pioneering profit-making cooperative institution in the state, which is currently democratically governed by an elected board and technically supported by GCMMF. During last financial year (April 2017 to March 2018), JKMPCL had procured 121.8 lakh Kgs per year from more than 17,000 milk producer members through 450 Village Dairy Co-operative Societies (VDCS). Currently, around 230 VDCS are operational in Jammu and around 220 VDCS in Srinagar. During the last financial year, JKMPCL has achieved sales turnover of 5236 lakhs which is 72% higher than 2016-17.

Since inception, JKMPCL has invested in various plants and machinery worth Rs. 125 lakhs from their own generated surplus fund over and above initial Capex of Rs. 150 lakhs duly supported by GCMMF in the year 2004-05.  JKMPCL has also established 23 Bulk Milk Coolers (BMC) (11 locations of Kashmir with 48,000 liters capacity and 12 locations
at Srinagar with 52,000) and 415 Automatic Milk Collection System (AMCS) (230 in Kashmir and 185 in Jammu) to improve the quality of milk at village level and gain the farmers’ trust in milk procurement system. All BMC and AMCS have been established with the able help of Government. Milk procurement of JKMPCL has increased from 11.8 lakh kg
per year in 2004-05 to 121.8 lakh kg per year, which shows growth of 930 percent in last 14 years. Further, to encourage women milk producer members partnership with J&K State Rural Livelihood Mission was inked and milk collection from Women Self Help Groups (SHGs) has been started. In Kashmir Division, 127 women SHG and 114 women SHG
based AMCS center in Jammu division have been expanded in the procurement network to previously uncovered areas in the state.

For any agriculture produce, value addition is extremely critical. JKMPCL is not only proving remunerative returns to rural milk producer members but has also ensured that urban consumer gets pure, non-adulterated milk and milk products at reasonable rate. For value
addition of milk, JKMPCL has established State of art plants at Jammu and Srinagar with 50,000 liters per day capacity manufacturing milk, buttermilk, curd and ghee for consumers with financial support from Government of India and able support from Jammu & Kashmir Government.

JKMPCL has brought social upliftment and economic empowerment of milk producer members of the state by providing whole year market, paying good procurement price to village dairy cooperatives (VDCS), providing annual price difference (Bonus) to the milk producer members out of annual profit earned and giving equal chance to every registered
member to manage their cooperatives.

Based on past performance, JKMPCL has projected to procure 180 lakh Kgs per year and an annual turnover of Rs. 115 crores by the end of 2024-25. To achieve this milestone and benefit the producer members, JKMPCL Board sought help from Mr Khurshid Ahmed Ganai to remove restrictions on selling price of toned milk and waiver of a toll on cattle feed which is exempted category under new Goods and Service Taxes Act (GST).
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