Dr. G.S. Rajorhia assumes Office of the Presedent of Indian Dairy Association


New Delhi, March 14, 2018: THE RESULTS OF THE ELECTIONS of Indian Dairy Association Central Executive Committee (CEC) were announced on 10th January 2018 with the dynamic Dr. G.S. Rajorhia being elected as the new President of IDA. Dr. Rajorhia had been the Vice President of the Association since 2014 and has made numerous significant contributions to IDA’s growth. He has been Chairman of IDA (NZ) for a term and member of IDA’s CEC for seven terms. Respected Dr. Rajorhia has also been Chairman of the Advisory Commission on Quality Systems. Earlier, as Editor of Indian Dairyman and Chief Editor of Indian Journal of Dairy Science, the erudite Professor added immense value in raising the standard of the two IDA journals.

IDA heartily congratulates the multifaceted Dr. Rajorhia upon his election as President-IDA and looks forward to the Association attaining greater heights under his charismatic leadership and continued guidance according to indairyasso.org.

Dr. Satish Kulkarni and Mr. A.K. Khosla — two well-known dairy stalwarts — were elected Vice Presidents of the Association. The members of the newly formed Central Executive Committee are as follows:- President : Dr. G.S. Rajorhia Vice Presidents: Dr. Satish Kulkarni and Mr. A.K. Khosla Members (Gen.): Mr. R.S. Sodhi, Dr. Geeta Patel, Dr. J.V. Parekh and Dr. K.S. Ramachandra Members (Research and Educationists): Dr. G.R. Patil and Dr. S.K. Kanawjia Member (Dairy Industry): Mr. Sudhir Kumar Singh and Mr. Rajesh Subramaniam Member (Milk Producers): Mr. Kirit K. Mehta and Mr. Ram Chandra Choudhary Member (Professional & Planners): Dr. Raja Rathinam and Dr. T.K. Mukhopadhyay The election officers were Mr. I.K. Narang, Returning Officer – IDA (CEC) Election Committee; Mr. Parveen Sharma, Scientific and Digital Systems; and Mr. N.K. Bhanot, Secretary (Est.), IDA. As the new CEC assumes office we wish all its members the very best for their tenure.


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