Celebrate National Milk Day With Byrne Dairy


New Delhi, January 13, 2019: What better way to celebrate National Milk Day than with Central New York’s own Byrne Dairy.

The local family owned business farm has been serving Central New Yorkers their famous glass bottles since 1933 and they’ve since expanded.

Byrne Dairy offers a full line of milk products including their famous Chocolate Milk and their latest Byrne Hollow Farm Organic and Organic Grass Fed product line. Byrne dairy is the only dairy corporation that picks up milk from local Central New York farmers to then deliver their plants. Eventually that milk makes its way to your home for a complete farm to table experience, Media Manager Kimberly Rossi said according to localsyr.com.

Byrne Dairy not only employs locally but they also keep money in Central New York.

To learn more about Byrne Dairy and Byrne Hollow Farm and the great products they offer visit them at ByrneDairy.com and ByrneHollowFarm.com


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