Belarus’ dairy export to China soars in January-May


New Delhi, July 08, 2018: MINSK, July 6 (Xinhua) — Belarus has sharply increased its dairy export to China from January to May in 2018, Belarusian Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Igor Brylo said Friday.

At a press conference, Brylo said that the export of Belarusian dairy products to China increased by five times in the first five months of the year according to

Belarus exported about 10 million U.S. dollar worth of meat and dairy products to China in January-May 2018, he added.

Belarus has been taking great effort to explore the Chinese market for the past few years, he said, adding that a total of 47 Belarusian dairy enterprises, two meat-packing plants and five poultry farms have been authorized to sell food to China.

The deputy minister also noted that the export of dairy products was on the rise, with the first few batches of beef delivered.

Belarus also plans to start exporting poultry meat to China, he said.


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