Ahmed Nagar Jilha Sahakari DudhSangh Ltd


Name: Ahmed Nagar Jilha Sahakari DudhSangh Ltd

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Address: At.Ghulewadi, Po.Sangamner S.K., (422 608), Tal. Sangamner, Dist. A.Nagar(Mh)

Contact Person:


Tel. No: (02425) 225410, 225510, 226161/62

Email: mail@rajhans.com

Website: http://www.rajhansmilk.com/

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Dairy business flourished along with sugar industry in Ahmednagar district. However, dairy industry significantly march ahead in the taluka than sugar industry which is now on declining path. Dairy industry, being a regular cash earner, saves draught affected farmers. Annual milk turnover of Ahmednagar district is around 900 crores to which the union contributed 266 crores during 2011-2012. Further, the Sangamner Milk Union is collecting 55% milk being collected through cooperative sector in Ahmednagar District.

Milk producers of Sangamner taluka are the firm believer in cooperative principles. Freedom Fighter & Sahakar Maharshi Late Bhausaheb Thorat, founder of ‘SANGAMNER TALUKA SAHAKARI DUDH UTPADAK & PRAKRIYA SANGH LTD , SANGAMNER ‘ and Hon’ble Shri Balasaheb Thorat Minister of Revenue, Government of Maharashtra having deep faith in cooperative societies emphasizes self-reliance of members, farmers and societies through cooperation mode.

Under their able guidance of Ranjeetsinh Vijaysinh Deshmukh Chairman and Shri. Sahebrao Gangadhar Gadakh Vice-Chairman, and Board of Directors are working for the welfare of customer and distributors along with social parity. For increasing milk production in taluka the union is undertaking various works viz., development of new high yielding cross breed cows, supplying quality cattle-feed at reasonable rate, supplying seeds of improved fodder, subsidy for manger, milking machine, modern technologies, veterinary facilities, Auto CLR interfacing Unit etc. The union is continously engaged in addressing the needs of milk producers for fair rewards and also to make the societies and distributors financially viable.



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