2018 October Dairy Situation & Outlook


California’s, October 31, 2018: milk production was estimated to be 1.3% higher than a year ago. Milk cow numbers have declined for four consecutive months, are now 32,000 lower than a year ago and down 41,000 since January. But, improved milk per cow being 1.6% higher resulted in the increase in milk production. California’s milk production showed a major recovery being up 4.8%. While cow numbers were 11,000  lower milk per cow was up 5.4%. Relatively strong increased in milk production occurred in Texas, Colorado and Kansas being up 8.9%, 8.7%, and 4.5% respectively. Each of these states added milk cows with Texas adding 24,000, Colorado 14,000 and Kansas 8,000. Milk cow numbers declined in the Midwest with Wisconsin down 4,000 and Minnesota down 6,000. But, higher production per cow still resulted in increased milk production of 2.0% and 1.5% respectively according to fyi.uwex.edu

Also, for a video podcast including Dr. Bob Cropp and Dr. Mark Stephenson discussing the  Dairy Situation & Outlook, please visit Program on Dairy Markets & Policy.


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